HOMEGROWN September 18th 2019

Vintage fashion has always been interesting to contemporary tastes because it tells a story— of an older time, place, and people. The definition of vintage is constantly evolving because it is representative of time periods that are at least two decades old. But, certain eras have classic stylistic markers like the American 1950s were decorated with large skirts and pearl jewellery sets while the 1960s in India screamed paisley, tie-dye, and long silhouettes. Stuti Purohit, a graphic designer from Baroda, Gujarat, and vintage fashion consumer says, “Fashion trends rotate and the 80s are back because it’s so easy to just shop in your mom’s closet.”

Although South Asian vintage affeciandos currently make up a small, niche community, the Indian vintage fashion scene has started to gather steam in the last few years. This small fashion revolution has begun as a grassroots movement on social media, namely Instagram, as more and more vintage fashion houses are choosing to showcase their pieces online.

Many young people like Stuti have similar experiences in their introduction to vintage fashion- through their parents’ or older relatives’ wardrobes. But, for those of us who don’t have this easy access to fashion, here’s a guide to the movers and shakers of fashion who are nourishing vintage culture in India.


Started by Divya Saini, a 24 year old stylist and creative director from Mumbai, Bodementsmarkets itself as “Handpicked. Exclusive. Upcycled.” Following a softer vintage tone punctuated with Indian aesthetics, Bodements has a wide collection of long, patterned dresses and shirts, trousers, and jackets. Divya’s personal style is “constantly evolving,” she says and aims to make a unique mark in the fashion industry. Like many others on this list, Bodements currently operates on Instagram and invites DMs and emails for purchase inquires.