Bodements featured in The Asian Age - 15th September, 2019

Garment from Bodements

Another way to prolong the lifecycle of existing garments is by upcycling them or including them in vintage wear catalogues. This is exactly what Bodements, an online vintage boutique store has been doing for over a year.

Through pop-ups and its Instagram page, the initiative puts second-hand garments, unused vintage pieces and upcycled outfits back into circulation. “The vintage garments are sourced from old boutiques in Europe, Japan, New York and London. If the garment has a tatter because of wear and tear, the defect is mended, and fashionable flourishes are added to the garment to add zest to it,” explains Divya Saini, Founder/ Partner. “We want to get the culture of re-using clothes to India as there are a lot of stereotypes against it. The entire world is moving towards sustainability. The first basic step you can do is not making new clothes. And while that doing that, we’re trying to get the best fashion from the 60s, 70s and 80s, back,” she adds.