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What’s the one word that pops in your head when you think of the current “thoughtful trends” in the world of fashion?

Sustainability - a word that makes you feel like you’re thinking of the environment when in reality, you’re just proud to be a part of the “cool” fashion circle propagating sustainability wearing that pair of jeans you might have worn once two years ago.

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- via carolinalemke.com


Think about it.

Is that what it means to be sustainable?

The idea of fast fashion, that has taken the world by the storm for the past 4-5 years, now has the capacity to influence our shopping habits. Rather, we’ve given it the power to do so. Initially, from being just an idea by marketing agencies to increase profits among fashion brands, it has now become the norm. When was the last time you held on to a piece of clothing for more than 3-4 years solely because you enjoy wearing it whilst its quality remained intact?

Doubtful, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what’s happening. We are so engrossed into following trends mindlessly that we have absolutely no idea about our endless consumption and disposal of clothing. There is a new trend every two weeks now for which we will conveniently visit the nearest Zara or an H&M store to gorge on their affordable, limitless supplies. And then dispose them off or donate them, for a good measure.

Personal style, what? 

A bit of glossy marketing with a dip in prices and customers end up behaving like that tamed lion in a circus waiting for the trainer to whip it again. 

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Let’s touch the touchy topic of “ethical” fashion. Sustainability and ethics go hand-in-hand just like your favorite snakeskin boots with a leather jacket.

The sad reality is that, we tend to dwell on things that don’t matter as much and overlook things that need urgent attention. Over a thousand laborers in Bangladesh working for fast fashion brands like Zara dying is just one example of ill-treatment and ignorance shown by these fashion giants. Animals being bred under specifications to later get slaughtered for their skin, fur, etc. are part of the harsh reality which we don’t want to look into; all we want is the end result – a beautiful fur coat that is oh-so-soft to touch.

Image result for rana plaza victims

Image result for rana plaza victims

Maybe we can’t stop it completely because creation is important for livelihood to take place but we can be more responsible towards our actions, can’t we?
Or just not buy that random whimsical piece you saw hanging on an XYZ brand-s window display, only to not actually end up wearing it, ever?