The beginning of 'Bodements' - Platform Magazine


We connected with the stylist to know more about the formation of Bodements, a breakdown of the sourcing process that goes behind the curation of vintage clothing, the new normal and more. 

"About four years ago, I visited Europe without a plan or direction. You can say I was young and restless. It was one of those ‘I need to find myself’ trips. On my very first day in Paris I ended up in a vintage shop. I spent hours and hours going through some absolutely stunning pieces they had. I picked so many pieces that I would probably never wear but I loved the idea of owning these unique treasures. That’s probably when it all started. After that I visited five countries in Europe and I made sure I went to all the best vintage shops in each country. I had bags full of these beautiful pieces I wanted to bring back but I didn’t really have a plan. Some of the pieces were so grand, I didn’t even have an occasion to wear them. By the end of the trip, I had collected more than 50 pieces and even had to borrow my friend’s suitcase to get them back. Back in India, when I started wearing them, my Instagram flooded with comments that asked ‘where’s that from?’ Then the realisation dawned upon me — there was a demand for vintage clothing in India. I called up some of my model friends, packed my bags and took off for Alibaug where I shot the first Bodements launch campaign."